Code of Conduct

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It is the purpose of Softball World at Texas Star to provide the best possible facilities, amenities, and atmosphere to the entire softball community for their enjoyment and opportunity to compete in the sport of softball at all levels of play. To achieve this goal Softball World must have the cooperation of every player, coach, and spectator to assure a friendly and family oriented facility. We ask that all patrons abide by the following rules and policies:

  1. Verbal abuse of umpires or employees of Softball World will not be tolerated and will result in ejection and possible suspension from the park and all activities.
  2. Verbal threats directed at other players, spectators, umpires, or employees will be grounds for ejection from the game and park, and will bring a suspension for the violator.
  3. Physical attacks on other players, spectators, umpires, or employees will be grounds for ejection, suspension, and possible criminal prosecution.
  4. The carrying of weapons or firearms into Softball World will result in suspension and possible criminal prosecution.
  5. Anyone abusing, destroying, or stealing property of Softball World at Texas Star and the City of Euless will be subject to suspension and criminal prosecution.
  6. Softball World attempts to provide the best possible atmosphere for the entire softball community and their families; therefore vulgar language of any kind is discouraged. Any player using such language in a ballgame is subject to ejection.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct: Anyone ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct must leave the premises immediately and may not return for the remainder of that event. Note: Anyone violating rules #1 through #6 constitutes unsportsmanlike conduct.


The General Manager of Softball World will determine, based on the degree or seriousness of the incident, the length of suspension for such violation. Violations that will merit suspension include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Initiating and/or retaliating in a situation that causes, or could potentially cause a disturbance either on the field or off. Length of suspension: Minimum of 90 days.
    • Example: If you or your team engages in "trash talking" that escalates to a disturbance/fight, the participating individual(s) will receive the suspension regardless of whether or not the participating individual(s) actually participates in the altercation.
  • Assaulting another player, spectator, staff member, or umpire. Length of suspension: Minimum one year to a maximum indefinite suspension.

These rules are in place to enhance everyone's enjoyment and safety when visiting Softball World.